Glasses are out of zSpace scope

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asked Nov 30, 2015 by nrraman929 (164 points)
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What to do when glasses are out of zSpace scope:

I am currently developing a zSpace application with Unity, using a 2D sprite as my background. When my glasses seem to leave zSpace's scope, one of the lenses gets a complete blue color image which is somewhat blinding, it looks as though one of the lens is trying to look behind the background. Is there a way to tell when this case occurs and disable stereoscopic, so the blue image will not appear?

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answered Feb 10, 2016 by swhitacre (209 points)
This might not be quite what you think it is.

Try sitting directly in the middle perpendicular to the display. Slowly turn your head left and right. Do you see the same blue? What is happening is your image is being clipped. The default value for the ZSCore Glasses Offset is .01 meters (1cm). That means if the left side to right side of your glasses changes by more than 1cm one eye is going to be clipped therefore likely to be blue.

You have several options on how to handle this. You could monitor this distance and do something like turn off stereo but this might lead to be a very poor use experience. You could try to determine the best value for your scene and set accordingly. You could just set it to be something like 1 meter which would be impossible to actually reach with glasses that are almost 10cm. For now the later is what I suggest until you decide on how your scene is going to look.