ZView background Camera Settings

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asked May 6, 2016 by aspartamed (196 points)
edited May 17, 2016 by ijonathanharper@gmail.com
ZView Does not use background Camera Settings

Settings changed in the zCore Current Camera, camera apply to user view. However they do not apply to Zview.

Setting Camera to "Clear Flags" to "Solid Color" and then settign the color to something

ZView in Standard mode will still show a view that looks like "Clear Flags" set to "Skybox"

This can be worked around by modifying the Clear Flags setting and color setting of the ZCore "Center Camera"

However the issue still exists if you use ZView in Augmented Reality Mode.

Yes "Copy Current Camera Attributes" is checked

Is there a work around for this issue?
commented May 24, 2016 by dtwilleagerinfinitez-com (275 points)
I am assuming you are using the zView 4.0 package.  As you noticed, zView standard mode copies its camera attributes from the center core camera.  For AR mode, it is not so simple.  AR mode uses a multipass composite rendering algorithm.  If you look at the RenderRBG[A] methods in the VirtualCameraAR class, you can see how it works.  You could modify this script to set the clear flags and background color to your desired values and see if that works for you.  We can consider making this an option in a future release.