How to use ZCContext As a parameter ?(cpp)

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asked Nov 24, 2016 by (12 points)

I code a dll ,and then I use zcInitialize() here. But now ,when i get the ZCContext out of this dll ,I can't use it to get anything(eg. zcGetTargetByType()), the return code tell me because i have not initialize zSpace, but i'd zcInitialize() in dll. If I use zcInitialize here again, the return code tell me i have initialized zSpace.
commented Dec 13, 2016 by dtwilleagerinfinitez-com (275 points)
This should work.  Is there any threading involved?  In other words, is the zcInitialize() called from the same thread as zcGetTargetByType()?
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Thanks for your reply!
I'm sorry that I just look at my question page.First, I use it with multi thread, I think this is the reason why I can't use it as a parameter. Then I use it in single thread, but when I code it as a dll, I can't use the ZCContext. At last we don't use it as a parameter, but it is interested me.