zCore 5.0 dll Access is denied.

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asked Oct 10, 2017 by volcano (17 points)
I'm updating my zcore from 4.0 to 5.0 and my unity from 5.3 to 2017 and I'm having trouble importing the packages. I'm getting zCoreUnity.dll: Access is denied. error for both zcore and zview. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
commented Oct 10, 2017 by AlexShorey (235 points)
Hi Volcano, I'm not sure what exactly what would be causing this issue. Could you let us know what you've tried so far to resolve it?

Was 2017 installed directly into the same directory that 5.3 was installed in?

Are zSpace packages the only ones that are denied access? Tested any freebies from the asset store?

Was 2017 installed in a custom directory?

Any antivirus software running?

Is Perforce being used for version control?

I think the easiest thing to try first would be turning off any antivirus, running Unity as administrator, then trying to import again.

If that doesn't clear things up, I might suggest doing a fresh install of Unity 2017 in a fresh directory to be sure its nothing that went wrong with the upgrade.

Alex S.