Render issue on right eye on standalone

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asked Dec 15, 2017 by manuel86 (16 points)
edited Dec 19, 2017 by manuel86


I'm trying to make a build in Unity but have problems with the stereo rendering. 
In the Unity Editor zspace preview window rendering is correct. In the standalone build,
the image for the left eye is correct. The objects of the right-eye-image is are more
transparent and the parts that are overlapping with the left-eye-image are rendered opaque. 

(To avoid other errors, I am testing the zspace sample scene)

The left eye image looks like this (thats seems to be correct):

left eye image

right eye image looks like this (photoshopped - couldn't make this screenshot ...):

Can someone tell me how to solve this issue?


Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Unity 2017.1.2f1
zCore Plugin 5.0
zSpace 200
NVidia Quadro M5000