SDK sample x64 version run time error

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asked Feb 5, 2018 by Yi Zhong (14 points)
I'm trying to build a x64 version from the sample (BasicStereoGLSample) under visual studio 2015, the zcInitialize return error (ZC_ERROR_RUNTIME_NOT_FOUND). The x86 version is working fine. How can I solve this problem? I need integrate the zspace into a x64 application.


1 Answer

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answered Feb 26, 2018 by AlexShorey (267 points)
Hi Yi Zhong,

Your system likely can't find the zSpace64.dll

On my own system, its located at C:\Program Files\zSpace\System\bin\x64\zspace64.dll

I'm not sure why that wouldn't exist or fails to be found. Do you have the zspace System Software installed? If so, is your OS x64 bit?