Random Swap eyes problem with Unity 2017 build

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asked Feb 27, 2018 by gdl (20 points)
Hi there,

The eyes are randomly swapped whenever I run my Unity 2017 / zCore 5.0 based build (using glcore) . It doesn't not seem to be predictable. Changing the NVIDIA settings won't be an option (if it works) .

My zspace system version is

Any idea ? At the minimum, is there a script that could be used at run time to swap the eyes (haven't seen that available in the zCore script) ?

Thanks in advance

2 Answers

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answered Mar 8, 2018 by AlexShorey (267 points)

This turned out to be an issue on our end. We've released an updated version of the System Software for 200s that will fix the issue.

The latest version can be found here.


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answered Feb 27, 2018 by AlexShorey (267 points)

Hey gdl,

On 200 model systems, the 5.0 plugin, combined with the latest System Software, should distinguish L/R automatically. If you're on, that should be sufficient.
When the unity app is launched, does the screen appear to dim at all? That's a sign that L/R detect is being run. Knowing whether its being run will help us narrow down what's wrong.

Either way, I'd try reinstalling System Software from this link and see if L/R detection shakes loose.

commented Feb 28, 2018 by gdl (20 points)
I tried removing and reinstalling the system software, got the same version back again - - and the same problem still occurs....
I don't notice a screen dim at launch. I see the splash screen continuously during the launch, and in stereo. Actually as the logo (here the unity splash screen logo) is displayed in stereo not on zero paralax plane,  it's already possible by looking at it to tell if the eyes are swapped or not.