Can you help resolve tracking problems between the eHealth Services app using the Tobii eye tracking system and the AIO PRO?

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asked Jul 25, 2018 by rtamura (12 points)
(This email is an initial explanation of current issues experienced by eHealth Services, a zSpace developer located in Barcelona, Spain.   Please send replies and any requests for further information to Eva Garcia Ramos at and copy

eHealth Services has developed a vision care system which currently runs on the HP zVR.   Since the HP zVR is no longer supported, eHealth Services is working to implement its app on an AIO PRO.  The app was developed using the zSpace SDK.

Initial testing of the app on the AIO PRO showed some tracking problems and there was concern that the hardware was damaged in transit to Spain.  However, after reinstalling all software and running diagnostic tests, zSpace technical support confirmed the hardware is operating within standard specifications.

The current issue appears to be some interference between the tracking system of the AIO PRO and the tracking of the Tobii system as implemented in the eHealth Services app.   However, this hypothesis needs to be tested.  Both the zSpace tracking system and Tobii system use an IR frequency of 850nm.   The problems were not experienced when using the HP zVR.