Unity 2018.3 Crash

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asked Jan 7 by justMichael (14 points)
When using unity 2018.3 I'm getting a crash whenever I set the camera for the zcore script. The project I'm using was upgraded from an older version of unity but I've already tried recreating the camera and that did not fix the issue.
commented Jan 7 by AlexShorey (267 points)
Hi Michael,
Thank you for bringing such an issue up with us. We have not been testing 2018 extensively so I can't recall this particular issue. My initial thoughts are, while it may not be the camera, there may be other scene components that turn problematic from upgrading.
My best advice right now would be to enter a process of elimination. Is it a particular scene that's causing problems? If you create a blank scene from scratch in the same project and set up the zcore & camera in it, is the same problem encountered? What about a completely new project? Does the issue happen then?

Like I said, my money is on a problematic upgrade process of the scene. It will just take some testing to verify the point of failure.

Alex S.