Where can I load the StereoFrustumSample code?

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asked Jul 5, 2017 by 1039260845@qq.com (20 points)
Hi,I want to known Where  can load  the  StereoFrustumSample  code?  Thanks
commented Jul 7, 2017 by AlexShorey (194 points)
Hello, I'm not aware of a sample specifically called "StereoFrustumSample." Is it located somewhere in the SDK or UnityPackage? If you're looking for a simple demonstration of leveraging code related to the frustum, I recommend  locating the BasicStereo samples in the SDK. For example, "zSpaceSdks/"
commented Jul 9, 2017 by 1039260845@qq.com (20 points)
Thanks!  I had seen the samples, but it do not have a example about grabbing  things  with  stylus. Where or how can I use the stylus to grab things.